Cold Brew Versus Hot Brew - Pointing Out The Differences


Cold Brew Coffee Versus Hot Brew Coffee Home Blend Coffee Roasters

Cold brew has a huge customer base but still a lot of people are confused between cold brew and regular hot brew coffees

But before we dive into the differences we should know what is meant by brewing


Cold Brew Versus Hot Brew Home Blend Coffee Roasters

The brewing process involves dissolving water with coffee grounds and extracting acids, oils, sugars and other organic and inorganic substances from it

The solution thus obtained, is called extraction, which can be in a concentrated form or a ready to drink beverage

So when we dissolve coffee grounds with hot water (92-95 C) and get an extraction out, we call it a hot brew coffee

On the other hand, when we dissolve coffee grounds with cold water (room temperature), we get a cold brew

The brewing time for hot brews vary from 25 seconds to 4 mins (depending on brewing method), and for cold brew it varies from 12hrs to 24hrs


Water Temperature Mason Jar Cold Brew Cold Brew Versus Hot Brew Home Blend Coffee Roasters
One thing is evident - water, at different temperatures, pulls out differences in the resultant coffee along with considerable differences with varying brewing durationsWhen coffee is brewed with hot water, a lot of acids that contribute to the bitter and sour flavour are extracted. On the other hand, with cold water these acids do not react, making your beverage less acidic and more sweeterCold brews miss out on the aroma that hot brews provide - reason being - when aromatic coffee oils come in contact with hot water, they become volatile, which means they get evaporated easily, giving our beverage a satisfying aroma.



The table below breaks it down for you. Happy Brewing! 

Hot Brew
Cold Brew
Brewing Time 
25 Seconds to 4 minutes  12-24 Hrs
Water Temperature   92-95 C Room Temperature
Brewing Equipment 

French Press, V-60 (Pour Over), Espresso Machines, Syphon, Moka Pot etc.

French Press, Mason Jar, Cold Brew Coffee Pot, Channi ( Coarse Ground Coffee Steeped in Water & Filtered Out Using A Cheese Cloth or Channi / Strainer) etc.

Coffee to Water Ratio 

Manual Brew - 1:16 to 1:18 (1g of Coffee For 16ml or 18ml of water)  Espresso - 7 to 10g for a single shot

Concentrate - 1:3 to 1:5 Ready to drink - 1:8 to 1:13
Grind Size Of Coffee Beans  Varies from Fine to Coarse depending on the brewing method

Coarse Grind Size


High Acidity

Less Acidic


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