Home Blend Coffee Roasters Finally Bring You The Real Deal In Specialty Coffee

Akshay Jaggi Saumay Khandelwal Home Blend Coffee Roasters

Spearheaded by Akshay Jaggi and Saumay Khandelwal, Home Blend Coffee Roasters was conceived when the two young entrepreneurs were sipping quality coffee outside of India, only to realise it’s actually Indian export-grade specialty coffee. Feeling discontent with how casually terms like artisanal or specialty were thrown around without reason, the duo studied the coffee market in India and decided to deliver truly *Specialty Grade* coffee at people’s doorstep! 

Today, Home Blend offers its customers with the most exotic selection of specialty coffee beans from India and Indonesia such as the famous Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold that come from the highest peaks of Baba Budan region (The place that marks the inception of coffee plantations in India) and Sumatra’s Finest Mandheling - Grade 1 - A non-fed, pre-civet, cruelty free version of the favourite Kopi-Luwak (which was earlier, predominantly force fed to civets)

The brand’s key differentiation is their plantation-based sourcing of coffee beans, which are pre-deemed ‘specialty grade’ by the coffee board and other dignitaries in India. Home Blend was also amongst the first brands to introduce the equipment-free, convenient pour-over concept of Drip Coffee Bags in the country. Drip Coffee Bags contain freshly roasted, specialty grade grounds that brew a perfect cup of coffee without any costly equipment or unnecessary hassle. It’s as simple as - tear the seal, place the drip bag on a cup, pour hot water through the bag, and your freshly brewed cup of coffee is ready! 

Home Blend is proud to use a ‘Boutique’ process which gives each of its customers a more personalised experience by delivering to them their desired roast levels, flavour profile, grind sizes and bean variants. With strong business ethics and an in-depth knowledge of their product, they aim at educating their potential consumers to develop and recognise the authentic taste of varied specialty coffee grounds

*Coffee graded 80 points and above by Q graders are deemed as ‘Specialty’ grade coffee. A cupper first scores coffee on several attributes, such as aroma and sweetness. Then, they add those up to create a final score out of 100 – and it’s this that decides the value of any particular coffee 

Hailing from a background of 6 years in curing and processing raw coffee in Indonesia, the founders understand that processing specialty grades takes a lot of care and state of the art equipment for clients like LDC (Louis Dreyfus Company) and such. Furthermore, Saumay is a Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified coffee connoisseur holding 8 certifications in all the 5 fields of coffee i.e. green beans, roasting, sensory, barista and brewing*