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Easy Pour | Single Serve | Drip Coffee Bags | A Single Drip Bag Brews 180 ml

For Coffee Connoisseurs: Medium Roast Levels & Specialty Grade Coffee

Three Specialty Grades: Mysore Nuggets A Bold | Monsooned Malabar | Mandheling

For A Balanced Cup That Exhibits Prominent Flavour Notes 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sachets come in one box?

Each Drip Coffee box contains 10 single-serve sachets

How do I make Home Blend Drip Coffee? 

Our single-serve drip coffee sachets are designed to help you make a great tasting cup of coffee without any equipment. Simply place the filter bag onto your cup using the side anchors to hold it in place, and slowly pour hot water to fill the sachet no more than 3 times (180ml) stopping to ensure the water doesn’t run over. Let the coffee drip through the filter into the cup. Invert the anchors upwards, dispose the sachet and enjoy specialty!

How much water do I pour? 

Start by pouring a little bit hot water into, and through the filter bag just enough to saturate the grounds and let them bloom. Wait for 20 seconds, and then pour water so that it fills the whole pouch. Repeat this two or three times (180ml). While pouring, you can pause for a few seconds to ensure the filter doesn’t run over. You can try pouring more or less water to adjust the taste as per your preference. If your coffee is tasting watery or weak, it is over extracted so use less water next time or increase the steep time. If your coffee is too bitter, it is under extracted and you can add more water to it or decrease the steep time

How long do I let the sachet sit on the cup before I discard it so I can enjoy my coffee? 

You can let the coffee steep for a few seconds or minutes before you dispose the drip coffee bag. If you’d like more flavour extraction, you can keep the filter in longer and vice-versa

Do the Home Blend Drip Coffee sachets contain the same coffee as the normal beans we buy online? 

Yes, we have used the same specialty coffee as we retail in full-size packs. We offer 5 variants for Drip Coffee - from light roast Original to medium roasts in Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold, Monsooned Malabar & Mandheling to Vienna (Dark Roast) we have something for every palate. The roasting profiles for the coffee that go into these sachets are exactly the same as that for our larger size retail coffee bags. All the coffee is roasted 24 hours to 3 days prior to packaging, and then nitrogen-flushed and sealed, to remove preserve freshness upto 6 months

Will the flavour or quality vary in Home Blend Drip Coffee?

We have maintained strict quality measures for our Drip Coffee Bag, rest assured of the same great quality that you expect from our other products

Can I re-use the Home Blend Drip Coffee filter bag? 

No. Each filter bag is designed to be a single serve that brews one cup of coffee

What is nitrogen-flushing? Is it safe? 

Nitrogen flushing is a technique used in food packaging that prevents oxidation and degradation. By using this method we are able to increase the longevity of the coffee and preserve freshness. Nitrogen is a natural, odourless and food-safe inert gas. It is abundantly present in the atmosphere (we breathe it daily and are doing so right now) and it does not react with the coffee or affect its flavour in any way

When is the Home Blend Drip Coffee roasted and how long can I store it for?

The coffee is roasted 3 days prior to packaging so it has time to de-gas before we grind and add it to the filters. It is then packed and nitrogen flushed, which helps retain the freshness. We recommend storing the sachets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and you can use the coffee for upto 12 months from the date of packaging

How do I dispose the pour-over filter? 

The filter bags are biodegradable. So you can toss the used filter bags with your wet-waste without any worry

Can I add milk and sugar to the coffee? How much?

If you would like to have Home Blend Drip Coffee with milk or sugar, we recommend choosing the dark roast level coffees. For medium roast levels and the original, which is a light roast - we recommend having them black, without any milk and sugar, to fully enjoy the delicate, inherent flavour notes of these coffees

What is the filter material made of? 

Home Blend Drip Coffee filters are made with food-grade paper material