AeroPress- What is it and how to brew with it?

Coffee is something that almost everyone enjoys, from teens to adults. And why not? It's an amazing beverage available in different flavours, forms and types. You can have an espresso shot if you are craving caffeine. You can have a cold brew when the temperature is high. And ultimately, you can have a hot brew that you can top with almost anything from vanilla to pumpkin spice! 


How To Make Coffee With Aeropress

So, if you are a one-true coffee lover and prefer this drink in its different forms, then AeroPress coffee maker is something you should have! It has a full spectrum of fans, from coffee beginners to industry experts. And why so? Because it is pretty simple to use and makes a great hot brew, espresso and cold brew. 


Brewing Coffee With Aeropresss

AeroPress is a complete immersion method similar to French Press. You need to put coffee and water in, stir it, let it sit for some time, and then press it through the paper filter into your cup. The AeroPress is a piston-style brewer that plunges coffee through a thin paper filter into a cup. Though it makes just a single cup, its size and sturdiness make it a favourite device among travellers and campers. Plus, AeroPress delivers a perfect cup of joe rich in flavour and taste.



How To Brew Coffee With AeroPress? 
Now, let's discuss how you can brew a perfect cup of coffee using AeroPress. 
What you will need: 18 grams freshly-roasted coffee, Scale, Grinder, AeroPress, Paper or metal filter, Stirring utensil, Kettle, Hot water (92C-94C), Timer.\
Step 1- Place the paper filter into the AeroPress detachable plastic cup and use hot water to rinse both things. This will help you to get rid of the paper taste and will pre-warm your brewing vessel. Also, pour water slowly so that the paper filter can absorb it. 
Step 2- Next, assemble your AeroPress by attaching the plastic cup with the rest of the parts. Make sure that when you combine the machine, each piece is dry, as any residual moisture can compromise with the device's seal. 
Step 3- Now, grind around 18g of coffee and place it inside the machine. It is best if you always use freshly grind coffee. Also, ensure that you don't spill any into the ring-shaped gutter present at the top of the AeroPress. 
Step 4- After filling the machine with the coffee, now you need to pour around 200ml of warm water. If you don't have any scales, then perhaps you can fill the AeroPress till it's almost complete. Then, stir water and coffee for some time and seal the machine. 
Step 5- Wait for a few minutes and press until you hear the air hiss. It takes a bit of pressure to push the water through the paper. So, do it with a steady hand and it would take around 30 seconds. 
Step 6- Now, your coffee is ready. Pour into a cup and enjoy!
To conclude, AeroPress is a versatile coffee maker that allows you to prepare different coffee drinks in the best manner. Plus, it is compact in size, which makes it travel-friendly. You can take it anywhere with you to prepare your favourite drink the way you prefer and like! It is a perfect coffee maker for curious coffee lovers and experimenters. 
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