Which Coffee Should You Buy?

Which Coffee Should You Buy? Home Blend Coffee Roasters

Don't Know Which Coffee To Buy? Let's Help You Decide! 


Buying specialty coffee can be tricky, especially for novice coffee drinkers. Just like whiskies, specialty coffees are available as single origins or blends



Coffee Beans - Which Coffee Should You Buy? - Home Blend Coffee Roasters

Single Origins typically contain beans from a small group of farms, specific to a region in a country. 


For better understanding let’s take two single origin coffees – Mysore Nuggets and Monsooned Malabar. Both of them are from India, but are single origin coffees as one is grown near Chikmangalur region and the other is grown near the Malabar Coast


This indicates that single origins coffees are region specific and not country specific and there can be several single origin coffees from one country


In most specialty coffee shops, single origin coffees are used, as the café owner can establish provenance for the bean


Specialty Coffee Grades - Which Coffee Should You Buy? - Home Blend Coffee Roasters

Generally Single Origin Coffees come with following information on their packaging: 


Name of the Bean: If any (Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold) 

Region: Specific Location, Country (Chikmangluru, India) 

Elevation: This is very important. Higher the altitude, fruitier the coffee


At higher altitudes, the cherry/fruit from which coffee beans are obtained tend to store more sugar. Hence, the seeds (coffee beans) of these cherries exhibit fruity notes


Processing: This describes how the bean (seed) was extracted from the fruit (cherry). There are various processes and each process will lead to the beans having different taste profiles




Blends: Now we know that each single origin coffee, has a distinct flavour representing a particular region, and how various parameters of the region can affect the overall characteristics of the bean. Coffee roasters may also use different single origin beans and blend them to get the best flavour profile out of the blend. In other words you can say a coffee blend is a well-defined recipe. The main objective of blending the coffees, is to create a balanced cup which has well defined flavour notes and a good body. The blending could predominantly be of two types: of single origin beans or of different roast levels of the same single origin






At Home Blend Coffee Roasters: 


The specialty variants we serve currently are Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold, Monsooned Malabar ‘AA’ and Mandheling Grade 1 - Triple Picked. Along with these, we also offer Custom Roast which is a blend of Mysore Nuggets (80%) and Robusta Cherry ‘AAA’ (20%).


For our B2B clients, we offer customised roasting and blending options, along with curating menus and experimenting with specific and exclusive roasting profiles that we store on our softwares to maintain consistency and exclusivity.



For more information on our products visit: www.homeblendcoffee.com

For B2B / marketing queries write to us at sales@homeblendcoffee.com or Call us at +91 999 9999 646


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