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Cask Reserve Barrel Aged Coffee - Medium Roast - Pack of 80g

Cask Reserve Barrel Aged Coffee - Medium Roast - Pack of 80g

  • Medium Roasted Wine Barrel Aged Blend with Sweet, Soft Spice and Cocoa flavours
  • Notes: Heady Aroma with Sweet Nuances of Fine Malt and Grapes
  • Freshly Roasted On Order
  • 100% Specialty Grade Arabica
  • Processing: Washed
  • Altitude: 1100-1500M | Location: Chikmangalur & French Wine Casks
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Cask Reserve Barrel Aged Coffee

Our Latest Barrel-Aged Coffees are an experimental lot of specialty coffee beans from the highest peaks of Chikmagalur aged to perfection in the finest French Wine Cask Barrels. The resultant coffee is a cup that has a heady aroma complementing the sweet nuances of fine malt and grapes. We recommend a paper-based Aeropress or Pour Over brew method to really bring out the crisp inherent notes of this treasure!

Cask Reserve Wine Barrel Aged Coffee Home Blend Coffee Roasters

Your Specialty Pick: Baba Budan Region

Variant: Cask Reserve Barrel Aged Coffee
Roast Level:
Grind Size: Your Pick
Tasting Notes: Heady Aroma with Sweet Nuances of Fine Malt and Grapes

Barrel-aged coffee is the process of rolling coffee beans in an aged barrel once used for aging wine or whiskey. This rolling process allows the beans to soak in the flavor and aromas of the barrel. The coffee beans are then roasted. This process gives the coffee flavour notes soaked up from the barrels

  • Green Beans Specialty Coffee Home Blend

    Premium Specialty Green Beans

    • Green Bean Processing & Curing at Established Mills that pay farmers a high premium for export grades, ensures and stamps all our Specialty Grade
    • We use only the most premium, export quality AAA & Specialty Grade Arabica beans to roast our coffee fresh everyday!

  • Freshly Roasted Coffee Home Blend Coffee Roasters

    Freshly Roasted

    • All our coffee is Roasted Fresh at our roastery! 
    • All our coffee Profiles are roasted on Software to ensure Consistency 
    • Each Batch is Cupped before packaging 

  • SCA certified coffee roasters home blend coffee

    Specialty Coffee Association Certified

    • Home Blend Coffee Roasters is an Offshoot of the company's Coffee Curing Dry Mill in Indonesia

    • We understand that Great Coffee requires Elaborate Equipment and Processing Methods to Grade, Size, Sort Defect-Free Specialty Coffee

    • Before we Integrated Vertically, we got Certified in Green Bean, Roasting, Brewing, Barista & Sensory by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

    • All our Roasters are Qualified and Certified by SCA

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